Too Much Information…Too Little Time

It has always been hard to keep up with current medical advances and everything else you need to know to underwrite mortality risk. For several years I’ve used an online aggregator for all of the RSS feeds I find interesting and useful to create my own little news service. Only recently did I discover I could publish links in the form of a blog to share with others. In the blogroll sidebar I’ve included a link to my other blog under medical and health news for underwriters. This is a quick and efficient method for keeping up with what you should be keeping up with.


A is for Attitude

“Attitudes are more important than facts.”

Karl Menninger

Your attitude is the most important predictor of success in your career and in your life. Think about this: you will never do more than you think you can. Your thoughts ultimately create your reality. Before the PC was invented I was a sociology major in college. Sociologists called this phenomena a self-fulfilling prophecy. The great ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle was one of the first to recognize this phenomenon when he stated:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”

(he must have been a sociologist)
I like to believe we become what we think we will become through the repetition of actions and behaviors needed to create a desired reality.

The only limits you have are those you place on yourself. To be successful in the creation of anticipated outcomes, you need to have a strong desire for the goal to be achieved, a belief that it is possible, and a willingness to live with whatever happens. Be practical and realistic. Learn to separate the achievable from the unachievable. Focus your energy, thoughts and actions on achievable visions.

Professionals understand the impact and importance of their thoughts and attitudes. They take responsibility for their outcomes because they understand the crucial importance of the internal. Develop a trust that you have some control or influence over your destiny and take responsibility for managing it.

Most successful people have this internal sense of control. They accept their own creative powers. They recognize and take personal responsibility for what happens to them.

Hello World!

There are many things you can do with your time. And on the 18th month anniversary of leaving the executive ranks of Corporate America I decided to start a blog. Flying solo is tough. The demands on your time are phenomenal. So why blog? Well, I like to try new stuff and I like to write. I read in the NY Times that blogging for small businesses wasn’t such a bad idea. So, hello world.

For several years I’ve been reading a book a week. It is a habit I learned that keeps you ahead of the pack.  Ask your friends if they read a book a week. I’d be interested in touching base with other bookworms and sharing notes.   There is a huge difference between being book smart and possessing the intellectual curiosity that propels people to bigger and better things. My #1 Son possesses that intellectual curiosity and when combined with an intense competitive drive ( I wonder where he gets that from?) certainly provides the appropriate foundation for success in any chosen endeavor.

I was once asked by a life underwriter how do you grow an underwriter?   I think I just answered that question, at least in part, with my example above.  When you combine intellectual curiosity with the internal drive to succeed the sky is the limit.   As a life underwriter, do you have an intense competitive drive?  I’ve found that most are content to be intellectual nomads for their entire careers, sometimes intellectual nomads for their entire lives.

Well, from one intellectual nomad to the other, I hope you find value in this blog in both your underwriting career in particular and life in general. My initial plan is to post twice a week. One post will be focused solely on success tips, things that have worked for me and things that have not worked. The second weekly post will be pure life underwriting. It could be a cool website, a great book, or just some random thoughts on the profession.

I’m glad you found my blog. Please come back often.