Lifelong Learning

I was thinking the other day about reading a book a week and the value of lifelong learning.  Never make the mistake that learning stops when school stops.  Be a lifelong learner.  Understand that stuff changes all the time and there is always more to learn on your path to success.    Try the following strategy:

Teach yourself what they don’t teach you in school.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?  Well, it’s not really that simple.  Lifelong learning is not simple because school may not teach you a lot of useful information for your chosen line of work.  If you’re a recent entry to the world of work, you probably figured that out already.  The problem is not just what doesn’t get taught.  It’s deciding what to teach yourself to become the best you can be on your chosen path.

There are a lot of people who go through their lives trying to figure out why they’re here and what they’re here to do.  I personally know some boomers who are still trying to figure what they want to be when they grow up.  Imagine yourself at 60 trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up!  Don’t let this happen to you.  Take one simple action.  Make a decision.

The decision you make may not be the “right” decision but at least you have made a decision.  Indecisiveness will doom even the most well intentioned.  Make up your mind.  What you settle upon may not be the grand purpose for your existence but at least it’s a start.  And if whatever you choose turns out to be not what you expected or wanted, then try something else.  As people age we limit ourselves to what is possible.  Try something you’ve never done before.  Maybe, just maybe, you’ll surprise yourself and begin the journey that is yours alone.

It helps to have an uncommon curiosity about everything to be a good underwriter. Arguably this is true across many different professions.  You have to want to learn before you truly learn.  I spent some time this past week adding more links to my sidebar.  I wanted a kind of underwriting friendly mini-portal.  Click through and continue your lifelong learning.  If you have any suggestions for a good website, email me or comment and I’ll add a link.


Medical Information – How Much is Enough?

So how much medical information does an underwriter need to know to become a competent underwriter?  I don’t have an answer to this question but it’s been something I’ve thought about since attending a seminar and tour of the OSU medical school facilities in Tulsa, OK.  I was impressed by the facilities and quite frankly could live in the library.  I’ll be returning to this question over time as my thoughts crystallize.  Right now, my answer is:

  • More than the average human, and
  • A lot less than what doctors need to know.

So what exactly as underwriters do we need to know and how much is enough?

But If You Don’t Mind Tornadoes…

Despite the tornadoes, ice storms, and occasional floods Edmond Oklahoma was listed as one of the best cities in the country to live and do business. I’ve provided a link to the full article under Lifestyle.

When I left my life as a corporate executive I knew if I found another job with similar pay and benefits it would mean moving and starting all over again. There are not a lot of insurance companies in the greater Oklahoma City area. Or I could stay put and figure out a way to make a living.

With the remote underwriting trend my decision was almost a no-brainer. Talent is scarce and the companies that have employed the technology to push their underwriting files out to be evaluated now have the distinct advantage. But the ultimate advantages go to the underwriter.

It’s all about lifestyle.

We Interrupt This Blog for a Tornado

F1 Damage

In the early morning hours of March 30, some severe weather blew through the city I live and work in.  The tornado missed our house by about three miles. We managed to sleep through the sirens and didn’t realize there were tornadoes on the ground until our son called at 3:00 AM to find out if we were OK.

Risk is everywhere. Time to buy a weather alert radio.

This is what an F1 can do to your house.