Bye Bye Byetta?

The FDA just updated their safety information on Byetta to reflect the reports of 6 cases of hemorrhagic necrotizing pancreatitis in people taking the drug. All six required hospitalization and two have died. If you know any diabetics taking this drug, please advise them of this information. Sooner, not later. I’ve added a link to the FDA MedWatch page on the sidebar under drug abuse.


Remote Underwriting…(really remote)

“Someone had just died on the route I was attempting to climb,” he said. Clearly the ropes weren’t fixed correctly, and I wasn’t going to risk that.”

According to Nick Rice K2 has a fatality rate of 27.77%. Less than 200 climbers have reached the summit and 53 of these climbers died. The statistics on extreme sports are spotty and different reporters will use different criteria so don’t accept the numbers you find blindly. For example, one of the more interesting places for statistics is and this website lists 66 fatalities for K2. The numbers will be higher, and the fatality rate worse once last week’s 11 are added in to the gruesome totals.

The quote above is from Nick Rice. He decided to forgo an attempt on the summit because he understood the risks.