One Double Cheeseburger Please and a Carotid Endarterectomy on the Side (hold the stents)

Newswise Medical News | Carotid Endarterectomy Better Than Stenting for Artery Stenosis

You want fries with that?


Guess Which Country Has the Highest Murder Rate?

BBC NEWS | Americas | Latin America tops murder tables

If your company is doing mortality risk business in Central and South America read this article.  The time I spent working in the offshore mortality market was some of the most interesting work I’ve done.  Death is death but some of us get there in different ways.  A couple of years ago my #1 son’s high school senior trip was Mexico.  Because of the drug violence in that country I refused to fund that trip.  There have been too many disappearances.

And for a great story I’ll share some details of my trip to Bogota…

Watchful Waiting for Breast Cancer?

Study Suggests Some Cancers May Go Away –

This is an interesting article on spontaneous remission.  While I do not doubt the existence of spontaneous remission in human cancers, I just can’t wait for the brokerage community to advance the idea that since the cancer is just being watched (and not specifically treated) then how bad can it be?  Standard.


I think not.

One Hell of a Deal (if you like Tandoori Chicken)

Insurer Offers Option for Surgery in India –

My orthopedic surgeon says I have the worst knees he has ever seen.  I countered that statement by asserting he had not seen enough severely arthritic knees to make that judgment. Then the good doctor showed me the pictures.

I’ve had arthroscopic procedures bilaterally.  There is a strong probability I’ll need a TKR.

It’s a good thing I like Indian food.