Watch, Listen, & Learn – Triglycerides

Nonfasting Triglycerides Predict Stroke

Pay attention to those trigs.  As the commentator notes, these study results need to be replicated in other populations.  But for the purposes of mortality risk assessment these findings are significant.

By the way, my fasting trig level was 72.  What’s yours?


Remote Underwriting Jobs

Just a quick little post to let all visitors to this site know that this website/blog is NOT an employment website.   Underwriting Solutions LLC is NOT a professional recruiting organization.   Thanks for visiting.

Addendum 04/05/09

Just a quick little edit to let everyone know that while this blog is not an employment website I may have opportunities for part time remote work in the near future.  Thanks for visiting and I’ll announce any work opportunities with a new post.

Listen and Learn – One Double Cheeseburger and a side of Colorectal Cancer

Alarming Numbers For Black Men And Colorectal Cancer : NPR

Yet another post in the periodic Double Cheeseburger series.  Pay particular attention to the last two minutes of this podcast for an excellent risk factor summary and recommendations for lifestyle changes.  There is a lot of relevant information for assessing risk in this short interview.

Disappearing Docs

Doctor and Patient – Where Have All the Doctors Gone? –

When I learned the tools of the trade last century, I was taught to be highly suspicious of applicants for life insurance who claimed not to have a family medicine/primary care MD.  I also know that if evidence presents itself to change an opinion or belief, you should do so.

The numbers are staggering and I no longer view applicants without a PCP as suspiciously as I once did.

Less suspicious does not mean the absence of suspicion.  After all, a suspicious underwriter is a good underwriter.