Community Strategy for Pandemic Influenza Mitigation

Here is a link to the community planning section of the website.  I’ve also added a link on the sidebar under Public Health.

President Calderon took appropriate action.  I strongly suspect his quote will be taken out of context.


The Morbid Niche

Investors Find Morbid Niche In Surrendered Life Insurance –

Check out Lenaburg’s quote below.  This is kind of creepy and an angle I never thought of before.  I always wondered what the cartels did with all that clean cash.

David S. Lenaburg, chief executive of Rockville-based Banner Life Insurance, gave voice to the ultimate fear. Citing court records of a 2006 money-laundering case, Lenaburg wrote to a regulator that the seller of one policy “apparently ended up with a drug cartel owning a vested interest in his early demise.”