Community Strategy for Pandemic Influenza Mitigation

Here is a link to the community planning section of the website.  I’ve also added a link on the sidebar under Public Health.

President Calderon took appropriate action.  I strongly suspect his quote will be taken out of context.


Swine Flu Update – 176 Dead in Mexico

Mexico shuts down economy as flu pandemic imminent | Reuters

There is no safer place than your own home to avoid being infected with the flu virus.

This quote is from President Felipe Calderon.  These words are not exactly the best choice if you want to avoid generating fear and panic.

The Morbid Niche

Investors Find Morbid Niche In Surrendered Life Insurance –

Check out Lenaburg’s quote below.  This is kind of creepy and an angle I never thought of before.  I always wondered what the cartels did with all that clean cash.

David S. Lenaburg, chief executive of Rockville-based Banner Life Insurance, gave voice to the ultimate fear. Citing court records of a 2006 money-laundering case, Lenaburg wrote to a regulator that the seller of one policy “apparently ended up with a drug cartel owning a vested interest in his early demise.”