I Don’t Like What You Wrote – You’re Fired (Turkeys)

Once again technology and creativity move more quickly than corporate policy.  Call me if you need help in developing a social media policy for your company.  The cartoon was drawn by an artist named Hugh Macleod.  I’ve added a link to his website under my Blogroll on the sidebar.

Bloggers Find The Ax is Mightier Than The Pen | workforce.com


Turkeys – Talent Shortage Looming

The Coming Fight for Executive Talent – BusinessWeek

I’ve shortened the title of my occasional posts on management issues to Turkeys. Any negative connotations are purely coincidental.  This series of posts started while underwriting at my brother’s house and his gaggle of wild turkeys walked by.  So say bye-bye to “Remote Underwriting With Turkeys”.  Now we’re just talkin’ turkey.

And management issues.

CRP as Risk Factor for CHD

C-Reactive Protein as a Risk Factor for Coronary Heart Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-analyses for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force — Ann Intern Med

Conclusion: Strong evidence indicates that CRP is associated with CHD events. Moderate, consistent evidence suggests that adding CRP to risk prediction models among initially intermediate-risk persons improves risk stratification. However, sufficient evidence that reducing CRP levels prevents CHD events is lacking.


Reduce Salt Intake – Lower Stroke, CVD

Medical News: Shaking the Salt Habit Cuts Stroke, CV Disease – in Cardiovascular, Prevention from MedPage Today

A decrease of 5 grams of salt a day (about one teaspoon) was associated with a 23% lower stroke rate and up to 17% less total cardiovascular disease, reported Pasquale Strazzullo, MD, of the “Federico II” University of Naples, Italy, and colleagues online in BMJ.