HgbA1c and CVD

Glycemic Control and Cardiovascular Disease in 7,454 Patients With Type 1 Diabetes — Diabetes Care

CONCLUSIONS This observational study of patients in modern everyday clinical practice demonstrates progressively increasing risks for CHD and CVD with higher A1C, independently of traditional risk factors, with no J-shaped risk curves. A baseline mean A1C of 7.2% showed considerably reduced risks of CHD and CVD compared with A1C 9.0%, emphasizing A1C as a strong independent risk factor in type 1 diabetes.


Mind Shift

The hidden trend in the monthly jobs report — and what it means for you | paulacaligiuri.com

There is a big change on the horizon in the way we should conceive of the concept of jobs – and it is dramatically changing how job security will be created in the future. For many, jobs of the future may be more like multiple income generating activities (or gigs) where we leverage our talents and skills. Job security will no longer be derived from being employed 40 hours/week. Rather, it will be something we create for ourselves when our talents and skills are in demand.

This is a mind shift.

The emphasis of the future will be on the skills you bring, rather than the job you occupy. There will be a far greater focus on self-management of both our skills and our network, two critical components of career success. Possessing more sought-out skills and having a strong network will be related to more income opportunities, whether working for a single organization or as an independent contractor.

Perhaps we need to take a collective deep breath and realize that, while change is afoot, this free agent mentality may also come with some upsides:

  • You will now have tremendous flexibility to plan and grow your own career, no longer relinquishing career management to an employer.
  • You will now have the ability to craft your sources of income across multiple opportunities if this is what you chose to do.
  • You will now have the opportunity to engage in a career that fits with your life – and not vice versa.

Thanks Paula.  I could not have said this better myself.