And Now For Something Completely Different

Hand-crafted slide guitars eye-catching, but no sales yet | The Post and Courier, Charleston SC – News, Sports, Entertainment

This story from The Post and Courier fascinated me.  For me, this story about Michael Walworth is not just about the unique musical instruments he builds.  This story is about the recession and redemption, creativity and faith, a man just one short step away from fate.

This post is a test of the power of social media.  If you found this story and want to help Micheal sell a guitar, please pass it along.

Duration of Diabetes Increases MI Risk

In Men, Duration of Diabetes Linked to Raised Heart Risk

“Risk rose along with duration of disease — compared to men without diabetes, men who had early-onset diabetes (in this case, for an average of 17 years or more) had 2.5 times the risk of a heart attack. That level of risk was equal to that of men with a prior history of heart attack, the team noted.”