What Bubble?

Tracking Suspiciously Explosive Market Growth — New York Magazine

HT Tadas Viskanta at Abnormal Returns. Go to the original article for your Scary Chart of Bubbles.


Have a Plan for Business Continuity

Missing List in Joplin Tornado Drops to 156 – WSJ.com

“The Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce said Friday that at least 400 businesses and 5,000 jobs were affected by the tornado.”

If you click through and read this WSJ online article, you’ll notice a small video window.  The opening picture of the video is an electric guitar embedded neck first into a wall of a house.  I had never thought of my guitars as deadly weapons, but in the right weather conditions they are.
When I read about the number of businesses affected I silently hoped these businesses had disaster recovery and business continuation plans in place.  Unfortunately, the most likely answer is no and most of these businesses will ultimately fail.
Not many of us think about total destruction from an F-5 tornado.  But if you manage to survive at one point you will have to get back to work.
Time to spend some time revising my own business recovery and continuity plans.

Think Positive Thoughts

Why We Don’t Take Care of Ourselves

Negative stereotypes about aging lead to the adoption of less healthy lifestyle choices that turn the negative stereotypes into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Take Home Message:

Watch for signs of negative belief systems about aging in medical records.

Especially in the older population.