Pink Slime – You Want Fries With That?

Similar to a previous dissection they had performed on hot dogs, the researchers discovered waste and by-products including connective tissue, nerve tissue, cartilage, bone, and in a quarter of the samples, Sarcocystis parasites. But surely these “fillers” were the minority, right? Unfortunately not. After crunching the numbers, the researchers found that the amount of actual meat (muscle flesh) in the burgers ranged from 2.1 percent to 14.8 percent.

via Michael Greger, M.D.: Pink Slime: All About the Green.

What is Bach Worth? – The Domino Project

What is Bach worth? – The Domino Project.

The real question is how much would you pay for 9 hours of classical music?  Would you pay 99 cents?

I checked Amazon today and the deal is still on.  I clicked and bought.  Amazon is hoping that a lot of people will click and buy.  The company is clearly betting on a social media referral strategy, hoping that enough people will email, link, blog, etc., about this offer to drive sales.

Hopefully Amazon will share the results of their experiment.