Teleworking Triples Over the Last Decade

In its report, “The Incredible Disappearing Office: Making Telework Work,” The Conference Board finds that the advancements in home networking over the last decade have been accompanied by teleworking gains among a number of these technology-reliant professions, including insurance underwriters 4.5 percent, up 275 percent since 2001-2003 and computer software developers 6.1 percent, up 127 percent.

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East ‘Meats’ West: Diabetes on Rise in China

The Chinese people are eating more food per serving, have more money to buy and eat food — particularly junk food — when they’re not hungry, and engage in less physical activity, Xiaohui said.

He said that many people still eat a traditional Chinese meal, but along with rice and veggies will be more meat, and portions will be bigger as well. In addition, fast-food restaurants such as Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald’s are enjoying success at the price of a growing obesity epidemic among children and teens, he said.

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Traditional ethnic diets are preferable for your particular ethnicity.  You want fries with that?

Heart Deaths in Diabetes Plummet

Data from the National Health Interview Survey found that both cardiovascular and all-cause mortality rates for diabetics fell substantially when 2003-2004 information was compared to 1997-1998.

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The Benefits Of A College Education

As the following graphic from IBD demonstrates, for the first time in history, a majority of jobless workers over 25 have attended some college, and now outnumber those without a job who simply have a high school diploma or less. But at least those in the fomer category have tens of thousands of non-dischargeable debt to show for it.

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