How Do We Keep Contingent Workers From Jumping Ship? – Dear Workforce

My company provides staffing services to the manufacturing industry. Contingent workers historically have a high turnover rate. My motivation is to get these people to stay on assignments longer and be more productive, thus increasing my client’s return on investment. What can we do?

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The situation above is an actual scenario and the question posed is real.  The individual asking the question is in Human Resources and an executive at the VP level.  My initial reaction was disbelief.  Check out the entire article.  The answer given was pretty decent.


Billions Wasted on Approved Bogus Disability Claims

In Oklahoma, the administrative law judge Howard O’Bryan, age 87, approved 5,401 disability claims from 2007 to 2009, committing taxpayers to $1.6 billion in expenditures. The investigation detected a “strange pattern” in which applicants denied for physical ailments would later successfully appeal listing their disability as “mental retardation.”

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‘Mindfulness’ Is Being Incorporated Into Employer Strategies to Combat Multitasking

“Studies show that about 49 percent of our waking time, our minds have wandered away from the task at hand,” Bahl says. “Especially with digital communication, there’s a lot of texting, there’s a lot of multitasking going on, and people are losing the ability to focus when they really want to focus.”

This isn’t just harmless woolgathering. According to data from Basex, a Yorktown Heights, New York-based business research firm, the estimated annual cost to the U.S. economy in loss of productivity from multitasking is $997 billion and a minimum of 28 billion hours.

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