37signals Earns Millions Each Year. Its CEO’s Model? His Cleaning Lady – Fast Company

She’s on her own, she cleans people’s homes, she’s incredibly nice. She brings flowers every time she cleans, and she’s just respectful and nice and awesome. Why can’t more people be like that? She’s been doing it some twenty-odd years, and that’s just an incredible success story. To me that’s far more interesting than a tech company that’s hiring a bunch of people, just got their fourth round of financing for 12 million dollars, and they’re still losing money. That’s what everyone talks about as being exciting, but I think that’s an absolutely disgusting scenario when it comes to business.

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I loved this interview.  You will too.


Twitter and Facebook ‘harming children’s development’ – Telegraph

A generation of children risks growing up with obsessive personalities, poor self-control, short attention spans and little empathy because of an addiction to social networking websites such as Twitter, a leading neuroscientist has warned.

Baroness Greenfield quoted figures showing that more than half of 13- to 17-year-olds now spend more than 30 hours a week using video games, computers, e-readers, mobile phones and other screen-based technology.  She said the human brain evolved to its surroundings and needed a “stimulating environment” to grow and properly develop.  But she warned that a reliance on social networking and increased use of computer games could effectively “rewire” the brain.

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Linzess – Think IBS with Constipation

Linzess is felt to act as a guanylate cyclase-C agonist. An agonist increases the activity of a process, the opposite of an antagonist. Linzess seems to act locally on the surface of the inside of the intestinal lining cells and by activation of guanylate cyclase-C increases levels of intracellular cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) which results in increased levels of chloride and bicarbonate in the intestinal lumen and speeds up gastrointestinal transit.

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