Diastolic Dysfunction Common in RA

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) have an increased incidence of diastolic dysfunction, which may further raise their already high risk for congestive heart failure, a meta-analysis suggested.


Patients with RA have double the incidence of heart failure compared with the larger population, and this finding has prompted interest in determining the origins of heart failure in these patients.

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Pilot Ejected -Body Recovered

Pilot ejected when small airplane dove near Chattanooga; body recovered – U.S. News.

EAA – EAA Experimenter – FAA’s Zodiac 601/650 Aircraft Report.

This post is for diehard underwriters only.  How unusual is it for a pilot to be ejected from his/her aircraft while aloft?  According to various news reports, the plane dove, the canopy came off, and the pilot ejected.  The first link is to a short story covering the accident.  The second link takes you to an eye-opening, well researched article on accidents involving the Zodiac 601.  Plenty of information for the next phone call from a life insurance agent who asks,

“Why did you rate him $5.00 per thousand?”

Answer: He wasn’t wearing a seat belt and the plane he flies has a tendency to break apart while in flight.

America: A Nation of Permanent Freelancers and Temps

We are quickly becoming a nation of permanent freelancers and temps. In 2006, the last time the federal government counted, the number of independent and contingent workers—contractors, temps, and the self-employed—stood at 42.6 million, or about 30 percent of the workforce. How many are there today? We have no idea since 2006 was the last year that the government bothered to count this huge and growing sector of the American workforce.


Traditionally, being self-employed used to come with a social stigma; you were self-employed if you couldn’t get a “real job.” Work was inconsistent and so was the pay. Today, the opportunities for contingent, project-based work are exploding, as is the development of tools that allow people to work independently across industries like software, design, marketing, legal services, architecture, healthcare, and engineering.

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Manulife Layoffs 03.27.13

The company didn’t say how many people are being laid off, but Graeme Harris, vice-president of communications and media relations at Manulife, said less than one per cent of the company’s global workforce will be affected.

The company had 27,500 employees around the world as of the end of last year, including 8,400 in Canada. About 3,800 are located in Waterloo Region, where Manulife’s Canadian operations are headquartered.

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As Telecommuting Debate Rages, Aetna Sticks by Big At-Home Workforce – Insurance & Technology

In 2012, 63 percent of companies allowed employees to work some hours from home compared with 34 percent in 2005, according to the National Study of Employers, which was produced by the Society for Human Resource Management and the Families and Work Institute.

A 2010 survey by SHRM, the human resources industry’s largest trade group, said that providing flexible work arrangements such as telecommuting, part-time work and phased-in retirement was the best way to attract and retain the best workers. And 20 percent of companies allow workers to work full-time from home.

Of health insurer Aetna’s 35,000 employees, 14,500 do not have a desk at Aetna, a move that the company’s top executives, CEO Mark Bertolini and national business chief Joseph Zubretsky, have said helps cut costs in real estate.

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