Elevated Resting Heart Rate and All-cause Mortality

Conclusions Elevated RHR is a risk factor for mortality independent of physical fitness, leisure-time physical activity and other major cardiovascular risk factors.

via Elevated resting heart rate, physical fitness and all-cause mortality: a 16-year follow-up in the Copenhagen Male Study — Jensen et al. — Heart.


Walk or Run? Think Distance, Not Speed

Researchers evaluated 33,060 runners in the National Runners’ Health Study and 15,045 walkers in the National Walkers’ Health Study. Dr. Thompson said there will be more results coming from the data. The study found:

  • Running reduced the risk for first-time hypertension 4.2%, and walking reduced it by 7.2%.
  • Running cut the risk for first-time high cholesterol 4.3%, and walking reduced it by 7.0%.
  • Running cut the risk for first-time diabetes 12.1%, and walking decreased it by 12.3%.
  • Running reduced coronary heart disease 4.5% compared with 9.3% for walking.

via Walk or run? Think distance, not speed, for health benefits – amednews.com.

GREAT NEWS for this aging tortoise who no longer runs 10-k’s due to bilateral knee osteoarthritis.

Cinnamon Game Harms Players

Calls to the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) related to cinnamon increased from 51 in 2011 to 178 calls in the first 6 months of 2012, wrote Steven Lipshultz, MD, of University of Miami’s Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine in Florida, and colleagues, online in a Perspective in Pediatrics.


Of the 178 calls, 122 (69%) were classified as intentional misuse or abuse “consistent with the cinnamon challenge,” the authors wrote, and about (17%) required medical attention.


The challenge requires a person to swallow a tablespoon of the dry, ground spice in 60 seconds without drinking fluids.


The authors pointed to 51,000 YouTube video clips — one viewed 19 million times — as of August 2012 that showed adolescents watching someone coughing and choking as the cinnamon triggers a severe gag reflex. They said the popularity of the Internet coupled with peer pressure instigated too many cinnamon challenges.

via Cinnamon Game Harms Players.

I am so thankful my own children are (mostly) past the stupid stage.

PLOS ONE: Why Men Don’t Understand Women

Men are traditionally thought to have more problems in understanding women compared to understanding other men, though evidence supporting this assumption remains sparse. Recently, it has been shown, however, that meńs problems in recognizing women’s emotions could be linked to difficulties in extracting the relevant information from the eye region, which remain one of the richest sources of social information for the attribution of mental states to others.

via PLOS ONE: Why Don’t Men Understand Women? Altered Neural Networks for Reading the Language of Male and Female Eyes.

Citation: Schiffer B, Pawliczek C, Müller BW, Gizewski ER, Walter H (2013) Why Don’t Men Understand Women? Altered Neural Networks for Reading the Language of Male and Female Eyes. PLoS ONE 8(4): e60278. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0060278