CDC COVID Rules Are a Dumpster Fire

If you’re confused by the CDC’s new isolation guidelines, you’re not the only one.

America’s COVID Rules Are a Dumpster Fire —

Great title, good article. Just don’t expect any confusion on the topic to clear up after reading the full article.

Dumpster fire!

12 thoughts on “CDC COVID Rules Are a Dumpster Fire

  1. Oh I think governor death Santis would love to see Florida number one! It is certainly interesting living in a state where the governor and surgeon general seem to be actively trying to kill off their constituents. Court ordered ban on mask mandates, vaccination requirements , restricting gatherings of large groups inside, using federal money provided to improve ventilation, and obtain test kits. All in for Monoclonal Antibody Tx though. For the life of me, I cannot understand why people will gladly accept technology that is actually newer and less tested than mRNA vaccines. SMH.

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