Tech Support for Remote Underwriters

I was planning on doing some work this past Saturday until my Internet connection crashed.  After waiting a few hours (maybe the problem was out there somewhere) I got the sinking feeling my problem was internal.  I called my Internet provider and got a computer.   I followed all of the computer’s instructions for around 15 minutes before I was connected to a human.  Another 15 minutes passed and the techie on the line determined my cable modem had fried.

Panic was not an option. After all, it was Saturday and hopefully someone could get to the house early Monday so that I could begin the work week without any hassles.

“Could you possibly get someone out early Monday morning?”

“How about tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow?  It’s Sunday.”


The technician arrived Sunday morning at 9:00 AM, did his techie evaluation, and told me my cable modem had fried.  45 minutes later, my new cable modem was installed and I had Internet access once again.

The take home message of my little story is simple.  Managers need to know what Internet providers their remote underwriters use and the service capabilities of each provider.  Managers also need to know what to do and who to call if the problem is determined to be a non-service provider problem.  The cable modem was provided to me by my Internet provider, so they replaced it.  If I had a wiring issue, router issue, hardware or software issue, the provider would not have helped me.

Can your remote underwriters resolve their Internet access issues on a Sunday?  If not, do they wait until Monday morning before calling and asking for help?

Are these and other technology support issues are included in your department’s operational plans?

Please tell me you have a plan.