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Underwriting Solutions LLC was created in 2006 as the business identity and entity for my consulting and contracting work to focus on mortality risk management in the life insurance industry. My name is Gary Y. Lee. currently the former CEO and Managing Member of the company. The latest version of my resume is available through a link on my Contact page (only for the deeply curious).

Over the past 10 years I’ve done some interesting stuff:

Expert witness and litigation support
Management advisory consulting for a company interested in the offshore life insurance markets in Central and South America
Independent mortality risk audits
Reinsurance process improvement analysis
Interim Chief Underwriter
Older age risk underwriting of complex medical and financial histories
Life settlement underwriting for an actuarial consulting firm
Underwriting subject matter expert for a customized APS summary system built in Microsoft SharePoint technology.
Underwriting Manual revisions
Straight Through Processing (STP) technology consulting work

As the years have passed, I’ve drawn closer to the work that is my Path. Technology related projects? Not interested. International markets? Nope. A huge factor in your success is understanding what you do well and doing more of it. It really helps if you like what you do because liking/loving what you do directly contributes to your skill level. As the years passed one of my contracts turned into a full-time W-2 position. When that occurred I started operating Underwriting Solutions LLC on a part-time basis. Your returns on any endeavor are directly correlated with the effort expended. Part time attention meant fewer projects. After a while it didn’t make any sense to maintain a LLC for one project annually. So in 2016 I shut the doors. Underwriting Solutions LLC is no longer in business.

It was a wonderful ride. This website/blog is unchanged. All of the content and links from Underwriting Solutions LLC are the same. The site lives on and I hope you find it useful.

Updated 11.19.16

4 thoughts on “About lifeunderwriter.net

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  2. I respect greatly what underwriters do and I do fully understand risk management. However, what happens to an innocent person who has been a victim of medical fraud/identity theft in your systems? Victims are almost always treated as if they are presumed guilty and it is nearly impossible to clear whatever negative interpretations are left based upon faulty data which originated from medical fraud.

    I would ask your professional view on how a person can clear up errors in their prescription profiles and bad data in their MIB file when they have been a victim of identity theft? It seems to me that denying insurance based on information that is faulty would also be a liability for the insurance industry. What do you as professionals do to insurse the sanctity of the information you use in determining risk for life insurance when the applicant is infact a victim of identity theft and has had their personal identitfers used? If a person was a victim of identity theft that resulted in medical fraud committed in their name using their personal stats what would you as professionals recommend they do to clean up bad data so that they are insurable?

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