Kind Words

“Gary has excellent credentials as an executive. He manages people and resources well and has both business and technical knowledge in his field. Gary and I collaborated on several underwriting projects. His drive and determination to see a project succeed are stronger than any business unit leader I have come across in my career. I would highly recommend Gary on any project or initiative where he can lead a team or perform individually.”

Martin Gilmore, IT Process Manager, New Breed Logistics

“Gary and I worked together on a sensitive insurance litigation project. He helped me achieve the goals of the assigned work in a professional but empathetic manner. I recommend Gary for all life insurance projects and jobs that require depth of life insurance knowledge coupled with the ability to communicate that knowledge.”

Eva Scharfstein, Managing Consultant, Red Case Consulting, LLC

“What has impressed me most about Gary Lee is, he always does the “Right Thing.” He has an in-depth understanding of the underwriting function and how it can affect the growth and profitablity of a company and its relationship with all stakeholders including distribution. His background in IT systems, reinsurance, management, strategic and technology planning, business continuation and operational capacities would be a valuable asset to a company.

Phillip A. Colatrino CLU, ChFC, MSFS

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