The Origin of The Supreme Commander

Sopris 042017

Back in the 70’s Laker Airways would fly you from Newark International to  London Gatwick for $99.00.  The company had a flat org chart and the employees who checked you in for your flight would also be baggage handlers, flight attendants, etc.  During a television interview a Laker employee handed the interviewer her business card.  Her title?

The Supreme Commander.

At the time I remember having the following thought,

“I am SO stealing this.”

I started calling myself The Supreme Commander and soon enough a lot of other underwriters started calling me by my new nickname.  Over time the title got shortened to just Supreme Commander (The “the” sounded too lofty) and somewhere else got shortened further to SupremeCmdr.

And the nickname stuck.

But if you’re looking for Master Po, well you’ve found him too.