Covid-19 — STAT 03.25.20

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‘We didn’t follow through’ on lessons learned from Ebola

Former Pentagon aide Christopher Kirchhoff wrote a 2016 report about lessons from the Ebola epidemic. He talked with STAT’s Andrew Joseph about the Covid-19 response:

  • On why governments aren’t more prepared: “We made some initial investments to grow the capacity of the system but we didn’t follow through.”
  • On outbreaks worse than Ebola: “Those of us in the Ebola response knew we got lucky, not only because the pathogen wasn’t airborne, but because the outbreak happened where it did.”
  • On testing: “It’s hard to express in words how our inability to test early and to contact trace has set us back. It’s honestly launched us into a new reality that none of us have clear or clever ideas about what to do.”


Deluged by Covid-19 patients, hospitals turn to remote monitoring to deliver care at home

Desperate to free up beds for only the sickest Covid-19 patients, hospitals nationwide are considering the use of an emerging generation of technologies to monitor patients from their homes. They want to avoid the fate of Bergamo, Italy, where centralized care in hospitals appears to have contributed to a sharp rise in the infection rate and death toll, leaving health care workers overwhelmed. Doctors in that city issued an urgent plea to counterparts across the globe to care for more patients outside hospitals. That means ramping up digital tools, making sure doctors and patients are adequately trained to use them, and integrating them with other parts of a hospital’s technology infrastructure, including electronic record keeping systems. STAT’s Casey Ross explains what’s involved.

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