Step It Up!

Previous studies have been done on step counts and mortality. However, they were conducted primarily with older adults or among people with debilitating chronic conditions. This study tracked a representative sample of U.S. adults aged 40 and over; approximately 4,800 participants wore accelerometers for up to seven days between 2003 and 2006. The participants were then followed for mortality through 2015 via the National Death Index. The researchers calculated associations between mortality and step number and intensity after adjustment for demographic and behavioral risk factors, body mass index, and health status at the start of the study.

They found that, compared with taking 4,000 steps per day, a number considered to be low for adults, taking 8,000 steps per day was associated with a 51% lower risk for all-cause mortality (or death from all causes). Taking 12,000 steps per day was associated with a 65% lower risk compared with taking 4,000 steps. In contrast, the authors saw no association between step intensity and risk of death after accounting for the total number of steps taken per day.

Higher daily step count linked with lower all-cause mortality

I am so screwed.

3 thoughts on “Step It Up!

  1. Time to get with the program!

    I started using an app on my phone last year, and it is definitely motivating me. I have set 7500 as my daily goal. I generally achieve it 5-6 out of 7 days.

    I always walk 3 miles. And I find it interesting that when I walk faster the step count is fewer for the 3 miles. I guess because I’m taking longer strides?

    When I walk more slowly, the total is usually about 6000 steps, whereas when I walk at a 13 1/2 minute pace the step count is only about 4000. Now that it’s getting hotter, my pace slows down.

      • Congratulations! That is an excellent start!

        After all my bragging yesterday, I overslept this morning, so didn’t do my 3 miles. But I did get in 7500 steps during my daily activities. Having a dog is helpful for me. He has taught me how to retrieve a tennis ball for him.

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