Pets Are Good For Humans’ Health – NPR

Eric O’Grey was 51, obese and suffering from diabetes and high cholesterol when he took home an overweight shelter dog. Now the duo are headlining a campaign on how pets improve humans’ lives.

Source: Eric And Peety Make The Case That Pets Are Good For Humans’ Health : Shots – Health News : NPR

The video located in the website link above is a must see.  Wonderful story!

“This Is A Ridiculous Joke” – An Abandoned, Rotting Vancouver House Is Listed For $7.2 Million – Zero Hedge

Source: “This Is A Ridiculous Joke” – An Abandoned, Rotting Vancouver House Is Listed For $7.2 Million | Zero Hedge

Welcome to peak insanity.

You might ask what does this have to do with underwriting?  Great question.  Here’s your answer:

Back during the savings and loan crisis in the US (yes, I’m old) I remember seeing lots of lender initiated life insurance applications to cover mortgage debt.  The applications were made years after the loans were on the books.  One app sticks in my mind.  Like any good underwriter I asked for and received a financial statement.  The valuation of the real estate seemed high to me.  I told the underwriter to decline the case based on inadequate finances.  I was questioned on my decision.

One of the properties (there were multiple properties listed on the balance sheet) was in the same city the underwriter lived in.  I said go drive by the house and you tell me if you think it’s worth $800,000 based upon appearance and location.  The next day he walked into my office.

“It’s an empty lot.”

Hey, at least there are buildings on this $7.2 million property in Vancouver!


What Ivy League Schools Really Want – Quartz

Source: The Ivy league want students who’ve had meaningful experiences, not just achievements – Quartz

“Our youth’s values appear to be awry, and the messages that adults are sending may be at the heart of the problem.”

Interesting read.

So is the following article.

Source: The educational strategy that’s turning students into unimaginative robots – Quartz

Now add this to a generation who cannot detach themselves from a tiny computer screen.  What do you get?

An absence of critical thinking skills and creativity.


Should we choose to devalue Humanities we become less human.

Think about it.