When the product is “free,” WE are the product

There are many people who think nothing of it. They laugh at us. For them, we’re fossils that just cannot grasp the modern world where private life takes place on the Internet and is stored forever in the cloud. Formerly innocuous devices like toothbrushes, dolls, TVs, thermostats, fridges, mattresses, or toilet-paper dispensers, that are everywhere around the house, will see to it that more and more personal and even intimate data gets uploaded to the cloud as the Internet of Things invades not only our home but our body cavities…

But there will be a day when we will be forced to surrender our data to get health insurance, drive a car, or have a refrigerator and a thermostat in the house. This is where this is going. Why? Because data is where the money is. And because many consumers are embracing it.

A toothbrush that sends your personal usage data to “The Cloud”.

This is a must read article.

Smart Appliances Hacked – over 750k Malicious Emails Sent – SlashGear

A security service provider called Proofpoint has issued a report detailing what it believes to be the first documented attack on the Internet of Things. According to the report, over 750,000 malicious emails were sent out using over 100,000 compromised devices on the Internet of Things. The compromised devices include appliances, routers, TVs, and connected refrigerators.

via Smart appliances hacked to send out over 750k malicious emails – SlashGear.