Tornadoes 10.09.18

100918 nadoes

Got lucky again.

NWS Norman update at 9:03 PM

Confirmed tornadoes from this morning: 1) EF1 southeast of Lake Draper 2) EF1 Midwest City and northeast 3) EF0 Choctaw and northeast 4) EF0 Lake Thunderbird area 5) EF0 in northeast OKC 6) Marietta (unknown intensity) More information to come as we continue to investigate…

Baby tornadoes.

Magnitude 5.6 – OKLAHOMA…(we’re OK)

Magnitude 5.6 – OKLAHOMA.

It’s been a rough year weather-wise out here in OK.  Not that I’m keeping count but in the past year we have experienced:

  • record snowfall
  • torrential flash floods
  • flat wind storms
  • softball size hail
  • nados
  • excruciating  relentless heat wave
  • drought
  • Texas Rangers losing the World Series in 7
  • 5.6 earthquake

If you’ve never experienced an earthquake your brain starts firing off like crazy trying to figure out what’s happening.  The noise is one of the strangest noises I have heard in my life.  Did something hit the roof?  But when the house started shaking I said “Earthquake”!!!!

Then I went back to sleep.