Looking for Underwriting Solutions LLC?

After 10 years, Underwriting Solutions LLC was closed for business. The LLC was officially dissolved with a filling of an Articles of Dissolution of an Oklahoma Limited Liability Company form to the Oklahoma Secretary of State.  The date of the filing was April 1, 2017.

Or so I thought.  The Oklahoma Secretary of State declined my application.  Turns out I had forgotten to pay several annual certificate filings fees.  This action allowed me the opportunity to think things over and I decided on a different course.  My decision was to file for reinstatement by paying all back fees and keep the LLC in compliant legal status for future endeavors in retirement.  At the present time Underwriting Solutions LLC is mostly dormant.

The content of this site remains unchanged.  The name of the site was changed to lifeunderwriter.net.  All of the previous content available under the old name remains accessible to all.

I’ve known for some time my purpose is mentoring and teaching.  I continue to maintain this website for that purpose and receive no compensation for doing so.  There may be advertising which supports the WordPress platform but I do not make any money from ads.

Enjoy your time on this site.

Learn something.