Here’s to Creatives Who Work a Day Job

The Artist's Road

Very few creatives completely support themselves financially through their art. It is those who struggle to find the time and creative energy to produce while managing other work responsibilities that I am thinking about today as those of us in the United States celebrate Labor Day.

Take the more than forty creatives I interviewed on the cross-country U.S. road trip captured in my forthcoming travel memoir Committed: A Memoir of the Artist’s Road. Only about ten percent of those could truly be said to be completely self-supported by their art. The rest held a variety of jobs, some related to their creative skills, some completely different.

This became clear early in the trip, when I started in New England and interviewed, among others:

  • Vermont printmaker Sabra Field: She lived off of sales from New York galleries and direct orders of her works. That economic security allowed her to…

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