What Ivy League Schools Really Want – Quartz

Source: The Ivy league want students who’ve had meaningful experiences, not just achievements – Quartz

“Our youth’s values appear to be awry, and the messages that adults are sending may be at the heart of the problem.”

Interesting read.

So is the following article.

Source: The educational strategy that’s turning students into unimaginative robots – Quartz

Now add this to a generation who cannot detach themselves from a tiny computer screen.  What do you get?

An absence of critical thinking skills and creativity.


Should we choose to devalue Humanities we become less human.

Think about it.


RheumNow: 10 Ways RA Could’ve Killed Glenn Frey | Medpage Today

Jack Cush MD reviews the complications associated with rheumatoid arthritis

Source: RheumNow: 10 Ways RA Could’ve Killed Glenn Frey | Medpage Today

If you stumble upon this link you likely already know of Frey’s death and the somewhat uninformed comments from his manager.  Read Dr. Cush’s article to learn about the myriad ways RA can kill.