Hello,Hope you’re staying safe Are you aware of the ongoing Covid-19 Benefit Relief Program, the 2021 $1.050 Billion winner of the Mega Millions Jackpot (POWER BALL). We are donating $50,200 each to 300 random individuals. We congratulate you because your Cell# was randomly picked after a spin ball. We have decided to help due to COVID-19 pandemic. We are sending $50,200 to you as one of the selected 300 individuals. To verify/claim your winning, kindly text your full name to the Agent in charge, MR ROBERT (512) 580-6091 . So basically we have won something like this some times last 2 year and we decided to give back to the community but many scammers had to take advantage of the money so this time around to claim your funds we have partner with I’ to verify the identity of any one we would be giving the text MR ROBERT now with your I’d card info and image to get you verified and get access to your funds.

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