Demystifying the Congenital Long QT Diagnosis

Demystifying the Congenital Long QT Diagnosis.

The incidence of the congenital long QT syndrome is about 1 in 2500 births. This is likely an underestimate as sudden death with a normal autopsy may be the first and only presentation. There are 12 genes responsible for 3 main types of c-LQTS. The presentation is one of aborted sudden death or brief arrhythmia. This usually manifests as sudden, without warning syncope, near syncope or prolonged syncope with seizures. Many are misdiagnosed with seizure disorder or vasovagal syncope.

East ‘Meats’ West: Diabetes on Rise in China

The Chinese people are eating more food per serving, have more money to buy and eat food — particularly junk food — when they’re not hungry, and engage in less physical activity, Xiaohui said.

He said that many people still eat a traditional Chinese meal, but along with rice and veggies will be more meat, and portions will be bigger as well. In addition, fast-food restaurants such as Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald’s are enjoying success at the price of a growing obesity epidemic among children and teens, he said.

via Medical News: East ‘Meats’ West: Diabetes on Rise in China – in Meeting Coverage, AACE from MedPage Today.

Traditional ethnic diets are preferable for your particular ethnicity.  You want fries with that?