Asthma Death Rate Falling in U.S. | Medpage Today

Asthma mortality decreased by 42% in the United States between 1999 and 2015, with the largest decline observed among elderly patients, according to retrospective surveillance data.

Source: Asthma Death Rate Falling in U.S. | Medpage Today


Achieving Clarity About Lung Cancer and Opacities – CHEST Journal

Source: Achieving Clarity About Lung Cancer and Opacities | CHEST Journal | CHEST Publications

Source: Long-term Outcomes of Patients With Ground-Glass Opacities Detected Using CT Scanning | CHEST Journal | CHEST Publications

Thunderstorm Asthma

It was only after it settled down that we realised what we had achieved. In a 24 hour period our emergency department would typically see around 200 patients. During “Thunderstorm Asthma,” over a 12-hour period between 7pm and 7 am we treated 296 patients; 208 of them had respiratory symptoms. Of these patients 170 went home, 36 were admitted including four that went to the intensive care unit. The peak occurred at 9pm, when 43 patients arrived in an hour.  It wasn’t until 2am before our numbers dropped below 20 an hour.

Source: Thunderstorm asthma: ‘It was like a war zone,’ emergency doctor says

Here`s why.

Source: Thunderstorm asthma – Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA)

Popcorn Lung – Medical Definition

Read the medical definition of popcorn lung. Popcorn lung is caused by chronic exposure to a chemical called diacetyl used to create the buttery flavor of popcorn, and the flavoring in some e-cigarettes.

Source: Popcorn Lung Medical Definition

Death by popcorn.

The syndrome has also been observed in people who consumed microwaved popcorn in large quantities.