Mortality Falls After AF Ablation in Heart Failure

A majority of patients in the ablation group, about 63%, were in sinus rhythm at the 60-month follow-up, compared with only 22% (P<0.001) in the group with medically managed AF, “which suggests that maintenance of sinus rhythm is beneficial when achieved without the use of antiarrhythmic drugs,” write the authors, led by Dr Nassir F Marrouche (University of Utah Health, Salt Lake City).

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Watch, Listen, and Learn – Ablation

Ablation for WPW, Afl, and SVT

A while back I asked this question in a post:  How much medical information is enough for the underwriter?  When I first pondered this question I thought underwriters needed to know as much as a family care MD/DO.  Having come to a better understanding of what medical students need to know, I’ve changed my tune.  Underwriters don’t have to be doctors.

Underwriters still need to know what kills people.  But we don’t have to know as much as a doctor.  More knowledge is better than less knowledge and experience remains the ultimate teacher.  I’m still working on the answer.

But in the meantime, keep learning.  I love short videos like this one.  Like Yogi says, you can observe a lot by just watching.