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Source: EM Mindset: Longevity – emdocs

Take a look at this article.  Understand this is personal advice on how to have longevity and passion in the world of emergency medicine.  But when you get down to the author’s top three insights, do this:

Forget the article is about emergency medicine physicians and substitute your own profession instead.

You’re welcome.

Companies Take Steps to Curb Worker Burnout – News OK

One strategy Goldman Sachs has been trying is to make people feel less at risk in their jobs. That\’s not easy in most companies, much less so in investment banking.

To keep junior analysts from burning out, the bank has decided to start hiring first-year analysts as permanent employees, instead of taking them on as contract workers. It is also encouraging them to not work weekends.

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Life/work balance is a choice, not another corporate initiative.  You have one life.  Make the right choice.