Cardiologists Should Mind Radiation Doses, ESC Says

Because radiation used in imaging tests is proven to cause cancer, they wrote, “cardiologists should make every effort to give ‘the right imaging exam, with the right dose, to the right patient.’

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We are seeing more applicant/patient initiated cardiac scans.  I recently became aware of a life insurance application where the underwriter requested a repeat cardiac CT scan.  The applicant’s cardiologist flatly rejected this course of action in an a asymptomatic patient with a correspondingly low CHD risk score.

Now you understand the cardiologist’s thinking.

Did I hear someone say “litigation risk”?

Calcium Score Beats Lipids for Telling CVD Risk

Measurement of coronary artery calcium stratified patient risk for cardiovascular disease regardless of dyslipidemia burden or definition, researchers found.

When measured across lipid abnormality categories, patients with a coronary artery calcium score of 100 or more had a 22.2 to 29.2 incidents of cardiovascular disease per 1,000 person-years versus 2.4 to 6.2 events per 1,000 person-years among those with arterial calcium scores of 0, according to Khurram Nasir, MD, MPH, of Baptist Health South Florida in Miami Beach, and colleagues.

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