Another Reason to Put The Phone Down

The goal of everything we do is to change people’s actual behavior at scale. When people use our app, we can capture their behaviors, identify good and bad behaviors, and develop ways to reward the good and punish the bad.

The Facebook ‘transmission of anger’ experiment is terrifying.

Read this article to gain a better understanding of The Evil Empire aka Facebook.

How about Facebook collecting data on all of your cell phone calls?


Twitter and Facebook ‘harming children’s development’ – Telegraph

A generation of children risks growing up with obsessive personalities, poor self-control, short attention spans and little empathy because of an addiction to social networking websites such as Twitter, a leading neuroscientist has warned.

Baroness Greenfield quoted figures showing that more than half of 13- to 17-year-olds now spend more than 30 hours a week using video games, computers, e-readers, mobile phones and other screen-based technology.  She said the human brain evolved to its surroundings and needed a “stimulating environment” to grow and properly develop.  But she warned that a reliance on social networking and increased use of computer games could effectively “rewire” the brain.

via Twitter and Facebook ‘harming children’s development’ – Telegraph.

Pizza Delicious Bought An Ad On Facebook. How’d They Do? : Planet Money : NPR

Those ads went viral. They got twice the usual number of click-thrus, on average. The ad showed up more than 700,000 times. Basically, everyone in New Orleans on Facebook saw it. Twice. Pizza Delicious got close to twenty times the number of Facebook fans they usually get in two days. The guys were stoked.

via Pizza Delicious Bought An Ad On Facebook. How’d They Do? : Planet Money : NPR.

I’ll cut to the chase so you don’t have to read or listen to the entire article.  It didn’t work.

After a long night of asking every single customer where they found out about Pizza Delicious, not one said it was through Facebook.

Maybe at some point, the new Pizza Delicious fans will show up and buy some pizza. But social advertising is so new that nobody knows for sure. It’s still unproven, untested and largely unstudied.

Update –

I read the article first, then listened to the podcast.  Listen to the podcast, it’s funnier than hell.

Facebook Is Making Us Miserable – Harvard Business Review

Facebook is negatively affecting what psychology Professor Jeffrey Parker refers to as “the closeness properties of friendship.”

via Facebook Is Making Us Miserable – Daniel Gulati – Harvard Business Review.

Please note I am not the author of the HBR blog article so please don’t shoot the messenger.  I’m neither a huge fan nor harsh critic of what the pundits term as “the dominant communication platform of the future”.  I simply don’t use Facebook a lot.  I don’t have a smart phone.  I have a dumb phone.  I don’t use an iPad.  I use an old-fashioned laptop if necessary.

If anyone wishes to communicate with me, email or phone works just fine thank you.

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