Failure to Launch – 2020

Failure to Launch was a movie released in 2006 starring Matthew McConaughey. Failure to Launch 2020 version is summarized in this chart:

Failure to Launch 2020 – Over Half of U.S. Young Adults Now Live With Their Parents –

Italy at the Grim Edge of a Global Problem | Wolf Street

Eurostat statistics in October 2016 showed that less than a third of under-35s in Italy had left their parental home, a figure 20 percentage points higher than the European average.

Source: Italy at the Grim Edge of a Global Problem | Wolf Street

The grown up child living in her childhood bedroom or the basement is actually a global problem.  I don’t pretend to have the answers.  All I know is my millennials are gone.  Neither of the two are financially dependent upon the Bank of Mom & Dad.  Hopefully we did some things right.  Maybe we got a little lucky.

Probably both.