Planning on Buying a House in Toronto? (don’t)

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The average price for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) plunged 12.4% overall to C$767,818. This represents a drop of about C$110,000 in the average home price over the 12-month period.


Why So Many Ph.D.s Are On Food Stamps : NPR

Tony Yang received his Ph.D. in history from the University of California, Riverside in 2009. Since then, he’s worked on and off as a history lecturer, but has had to depend on unemployment and food stamps to get by.

In his best year since getting his Ph.D., Yang says he made about $32,000; in his worst, about $10,000. He says there’s a perception that if you have a doctorate, you automatically walk into a high-paying job.

“I have the prestige of holding a Ph.D., but that [isn’t] paying the bills,” he says.

via Why So Many Ph.D.s Are On Food Stamps : NPR.

Scary Charts of the Day – 2/2/10

The Next Leg Of The Housing Crisis In Five Simple Charts | zero hedge

You may wonder why I continue to post charts on the economy in a life underwriting blog and website.  Here’s why.

People under financial strain will sometimes resort to extraordinary measures.  In this economy, pay extra attention to your financial underwriting.

Financial underwriting matters more now than it ever has in a very long time.