Mothers’ Lifestyle Predicts When Offspring will have First Heart Attack or Stroke

Previous research has shown that parents pass on health to their offspring through both genes and shared environment/lifestyle. This was the first study to examine whether parents’ heart health was associated with the age at which offspring develop cardiovascular disease. In addition, it investigated the influence of each parent separately.

The study was conducted in offspring-mother-father trios from the Framingham Heart Study — a total of 1,989 offspring, 1,989 mothers, and 1,989 fathers. Offspring were enrolled at an average age of 32 years and followed over 46 years (1971-2017) for the development of cardiovascular events. “Crucially, the study followed offspring into most of their adult life when heart attacks and strokes actually occur,” explained Dr. Muchira

European Society of Cardiology. “Mothers’ lifestyle predicts when offspring will have first heart attack or stroke.” ScienceDaily, 4 November 2020.

Journal Reference: Muchira JM, Gona PN, Mogos MF, et al. Parental cardiovascular health predicts time to onset of cardiovascular disease in offspring. Eur J Prev Cardiol., 2020 DOI: 10.1093/eurjpc/zwaa072

The Power of New Media

I am hardly the expert on the varied forms of communications technology conveniently described as the New Media.  But managing technology operations for two companies has taught me the simple rule of paying attention.  Examples of paying attention (and not paying attention) abound.  I happened to notice the number of text messages delivered by cell phone companies exceeded the number of phone calls for the first time a couple of months ago.  My personal phone bill last month included nearly 5400 text messages on my son’s line.

And that’s a light month compared to the 8000+ month he had earlier this year.

The point I’m making is also simple.  Pay attention to the new methods of communication and the communities that are being created.  These communities are powerful.  They can and will change your business in ways we have yet to imagine.  For an illustration of my point, read this article.

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