New Study: Daily Glass of Wine Could Keep You Out of Hospital — VinePair

Moderate alcohol consumption — the equivalent of one glass of wine per day — could lower a person’s risk of hospitalization, a new study claims. Researchers from Harvard University, Italy’s Mediterranean Neurological Institute, and the University of Molise compared the number of hospital admissions for 21,000 participants living in Italy’s Molise region over a six-year…

via New Study: Daily Glass of Wine Could Keep You Out of Hospital — VinePair

I have no comments on the study since I’ve not read it yet.

I think I’ll read it tonight with my hospitalization prevention strategy.

Never mind.  Here’s the abstract conclusion:

Moderate alcohol consumption appears to have a modest but complex impact on global hospitalization burden. Heavier drinkers have a higher rate of hospitalization for all causes, including alcohol‐related diseases and cancer, a risk that appears to be further magnified by concurrent smoking.

Just more click bait.

Salt is Salt and Less is More

Medical News: Sea Salt Just as Salty, and Limit the Wine, AHA Says – in Public Health & Policy, Public Health from MedPage Today

Over 60% of the people surveyed believed sea salt was healthier than stable salt.

Over 75% of the people surveyed knew wine was good for the heart but only 30% knew the recommended limits on intake.

Just remember – less is more.