Emphysema on CT Significantly Correlated With Mortality

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CT Scan Findings of Emphysema Predict Mortality in COPD — CHEST

Results: Of the 251 patients, 79 died, with 40 classified as respiratory deaths not involving lung cancer. Univariate Cox analysis revealed that emphysematous change as assessed by CT scan, lung function, age, or BMI were significantly correlated with mortality. Multivariate analysis revealed that emphysematous change as assessed by CT scan had the best association with mortality.

Conclusions: Emphysematous change as assessed by CT scan predicts respiratory mortality in outpatients with various stages of COPD.


Train Your Brain

Underwriters love stuff like this!

How Your Brain Connects the Future to the Past – Jeff Brown and Mark Fenske – Your Health at Work – Harvard Business Review

In the business world, it’s a distinct advantage to have a brain that anticipates future demands and negotiates them well. Accurate predictions typically translate to success. Being able to envision future scenarios helps foster strategic planning and resist immediate rewards in favor of longer-term gains. The proactive brain flexibly recombines details from past experiences that, by analogy with your current surroundings, help you make sense of where you are, anticipate what will come next, and successfully navigate the transition.

Depression + CHD = Bad

Medical News: Depression Plus Heart Disease Equal Lethal Combo – in Psychiatry, Depression from MedPage Today

The risk of all-cause mortality was elevated 67% for patients with coronary heart disease (P<0.05) and 2.10 times for those with depressive symptoms (P<0.001) in the long-running Whitehall II study of British civil servants.

But patients who had both conditions had a nearly five-fold risk compared with those who had neither (hazard ratio 4.99, P<0.001), Hermann Nabi, PhD, of the University of Versailles, France, and colleagues reported online in Heart.

Scary Charts of the Day – 09.20.2010

Number of People Using Google Reader Minimum Once WeeklyNumber of Google Reader Items Read Per Day

Official Google Reader Blog: A welcome and a look back

These charts should be extremely scary especially to folks in the newspaper and media businesses.  If you wanted some hard evidence on consumer preferences for news outlets shifting to the Internet, here you go.  The top chart is the number of people who use Google Reader at least once a week.  The bottom chart is the number of items read on Google Reader.

Personally, we still buy a daily newspaper.

Fish Kill Update 09.18.2010

Guest Post: What’s Going On In The Gulf? « naked capitalism

Oil?  What oil?

There are two links near the bottom of this article concerning possible human health consequences from the spill.  We now know about the respiratory and possible cancer issues of 9/11 survivors and workers having inhaled lots of stuff.  Pay attention to your Gulf Shore applicants for  unusual rashes or symptoms.

The New US Economy

Lost Decade for American Income – WSJ.com

For your Scary Charts check out the article link below.

Falling off the American Dream treadmill – Real median U.S. household income falls under $50,000. Poverty rate has grown exponentially since 2000, during the housing bubble.

Or see what Yves Smith is writing about real estate.

Latest Real Estate Time Bomb: Title of Foreclosed Properties Clouded; Wells Fargo Dumping Risk on Hapless Buyers « naked capitalism