AHA: No Excess Bleeding Risk with Dabigatran (Pradaxa)

Although the FDA review discounted an excess bleeding risk with dabigatran, it did not address another potential concern — the ability to reverse the anticoagulant effect acutely in cases of emergency.

Antman acknowledged that there is no specific, approved antidote for dabigatran or any of the novel anticoagulants, although it is an area of active investigation and the topic of several studies that will be presented at the AHA meeting in the coming days.

He said it’s not true, however, that clinicians don’t have any options. Intravenous administration of blood coagulation factors — prothrombin complex concentrates that are available in every hospital — can help to reverse the effect, though not completely.

In comparison, the effects of warfarin can be reversed with the administration of vitamin K. Antman noted. But that that doesn’t always work either, and patients can die because of it, he added.

via AHA: No Excess Bleeding Risk with Dabigatran.

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