ICD-10 Follies – Walked Into Lamp Post

W22.02XD: Walked into lamp post, subsequent encounter

via ICD-10 Follies: Watch Where You’re Walking.



2 thoughts on “ICD-10 Follies – Walked Into Lamp Post

  1. I think the ICD-10 code “V91.07 – Burn due to water skis on fire” is going to help bring our understanding of health to new heights…

    Anticipating the angst of October 1st, we’ve developed and recently released an app that may help alleviate the anxiety related to the ICD-10 implementation. Especially for the small practices that don’t have the support or budgets of a hospital HIM department.

    You can check it out at http://icd10doc.com for fun or some serious coding.
    Even with our amazing app we could not find a code for “Major depression due to ICD-10 implementation” though.

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