How Does Music Benefit the Brain? – Medical News Today

I work from a home office located in Edmond, OK.  At the AHOU meeting several years ago in San Antonio, I met up with an underwriting professional whom I hadn’t seen in years.  He asked what I was doing.  I told him I worked from home.

I’m not surprised.  You always talked about working from home.

I listen to music all day long while working.  The music is mostly classical, occasionally acoustic guitar, sometimes jazz.  I didn’t realize I was feeding my brain.

How does music benefit the brain? – Medical News Today.

But music can do so much more, notes Michael Huckabee, professor and director of the University of Nebraska Medical Center Division of Physician Assistant Education.

In an article about the benefits of music on human health, he writes:

”Music does something beyond our understanding. We can call it an endorphin release or a distraction, but it goes much deeper than that. Somehow music just does us good. And the good it does was just proven to be better.”

He speaks of a finding from researchers in Taiwan, who recently reviewed over 360 published studies on music therapy and concluded the data from these studies suggest cancer patients who routinely listen to music exhibit significantly fewer symptoms of depression, pain, fatigue and anxiety.


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