Tetrodotoxin: The Paralytic Pufferfish Poison

More thoughts on fugo.

Nature's Poisons

Man with Pufferfish by State Library Victoria (CC BY-NC 2.0)Man with Pufferfish by State Library Victoria (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Take a look at this photo. Who couldn’t love this face? Really, who? Such a cute little fella. And I’m talking about the pufferfish, not the dude with the pipe. But I am thinking about taking up pipe smoking,  solely because of this photo. Relax, I won’t, that nicotine will kill you. But I’ll definitely pick up one of those sweet ass hats.

The first place I would wear said hat would be some swank Tokyo sushi bar where I could get my fill of fugu. What the f*** is fugu, you ask? That cute little fella in the photo. The fish, people, the fish. Stay focused. Fugu, the Japanese word for pufferfish, is the paper-thin sliced flesh of pufferfish primarily from the Takifugu genus. Raw fish usually isn’t all that exciting (unless you’re my kids who can’t get enough) but some people get a…

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