Funny ICD-10 Codes | HealthWorks Collective

There are some new ICD-10 codes that will make anyone laugh. Here are some that may be particularly humorous to orthopedists and radiologists.

Source: Funny ICD-10 Codes | HealthWorks Collective

What you have all been waiting for.  You now have three specific billing codes to identify how patients were injured by a turtle. Bitten by a turtle?  Use one code.  Struck by a turtle? Try a different code.  If the treatment was due to just the basic injurious contact with a turtle, there is yet another code for that.  See codes W59.21XA, W59.21XA and W59.219XA.

There are separate codes for encounters with dolphins (W56.09XA) or getting struck by a sea lion (W56.12XA).  Name the animal or bird, and there is a separate code for each encounter.


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