iMedicalApps: Aspirin Guide – Medpage Today

Makes sense of USPSTF recommendations

Source: iMedicalApps: Aspirin Guide | Medpage Today

Loyal readers know I’ve been looking at this daily aspirin thing for quite some time.  Read this, or this, and this.  So when I learned about a new iPhone app I had to download it and enter my personal data.

The app says I should take low dose aspirin daily.  I stopped taking aspirin a few years ago after a minor bleeding episode.  I had bumped my shin, broke the skin and began bleeding.  The bleeding took forever to stop so I stopped the aspirin.  I’ve cut myself since and not had any difficulties coagulating.

Annual wellness visit is in a few months.  I’ll show the app to my doctor and see what he recommends.

Great little app by the way.

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