A Physician’s Chilling COVID-19 Diagnostic Journey -KevinMD

Madilyn and I waited for communication from her sister and were shocked that she landed in DFW, on a plane with 348 passengers with masks, and no one asked any questions about exposure or symptoms — there was no screening at all. She quickly realized her mask at DFW looked conspicuous, so she removed it and awaited her connecting flight home.

A physician’s chilling COVID-19 diagnostic journey

Here’s your daily dose on Covid-19.

If you are suffering from Covid-19 anxiety disorder please don’t read the full article.

2 thoughts on “A Physician’s Chilling COVID-19 Diagnostic Journey -KevinMD

  1. I figured as much. I’m a retired physician and contacted a colleague who is also retired, and previously was the head of public health for several counties in Texas. Triple boarded, MPH, MD from Johns Hopkins, all the best of credentials. I thought I could obtain some information from her. My feeling is that physicians and scientists are being silenced. From this colleague, with whomI I have had a close relationship for 40 years, all she was willing to tell me was to wash my hands and go to the CDC website. Very unlike her.

    I appreciate your timely and non-political information. What I care about is science. And action based upon actual study and facts. Being Proactive!

    • Emotional states can be transferred to others via emotional contagion, leading people to experience the same emotions without their awareness. I’m sure the higher ups are trying their best to quell panic. But with social media nowadays, good luck with that.

      My oldest son is a physician. Not once has he informed his old parents to avoid crowds, wash hands for 20 minutes, etc. I would not be surprised if a muzzle came down from higher up. If only because we know from the Chinese experience that our health care system can get overwhelmed quickly.

      I’ll stick with the science too. Stay safe.

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