Risk Factors for Death From COVID-19 Identified in Wuhan

Fei Zhou, MD, from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and colleagues conducted a retrospective, observational, multi-center cohort study of 191 patients, 137 of whom were discharged and 54 of whom died in the hospital.

The study, published online today in The Lancet, included all adult inpatients with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 from Jinyintan Hospital and Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital who had been discharged or died by January 31 of this year. Severely ill patients in the province were transferred to these hospitals until February 1.

Overall, 91 (48%) of the 191 patients had comorbidity. Most common was hypertension (30%), followed by diabetes (19%) and coronary heart disease (8%)…The average age of survivors was 52 years compared to 69 for those who died. Liu cited weakening of the immune system and increased inflammation, which damages organs and also promotes viral replication, as explanations for the age effect.

Click the link below for the full source article.

Risk Factors for Death From COVID-19 Identified in Wuhan Patients


2 thoughts on “Risk Factors for Death From COVID-19 Identified in Wuhan

  1. Very interesting article. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Of course I have several of the comorbidities. Has your physician son talked to you yet about risk factors?

  2. No. Dr. Lee knows that I know all about risk factors so we haven’t discussed them. Aside from age 65 I have none of the comorbidities. So far I have managed to avoid heart disease (though I probably have some sub-clinical non-obstructive disease at my age), diabetes, COPD, obesity. At this point in time I’m doing the best I can to not touch my face, wash my hands, and be more aware of exactly what the risks are. I have a Twitter feed and have been reading up on stories from the medical warriors on the front lines in Italy. Very scary stuff.

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