Covid-19 – Your Daily Dose 03.18.20

The few small businesses that aren’t bankrupted by quarantines and lock downs will be destroyed by Washington’s Covid-19 legislation.

Small business

via Covid-19 Rescue Plan Should Be Vehemently Opposed, by Bruce Wilds — STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

Remember that the concept and practice of social distancing isn’t about avoiding everything.  Small businesses in your community need your patronage now more than ever.  STAT news reported the following on the shelter in place order in effect in San Francisco:

“The order allows residents to leave their homes for limited purposes, such as to go to the grocery store or the pharmacy, or to go for a solitary walk or run. It also allows people to leave their homes to care for a family member or a vulnerable person in another household. People who live outside the affected counties will also be able to leave to return to their homes.”

Here’s an informative article from NPR – It’s Time To Get Serious About Social Distancing. Here’s How

It’s sad to see how many people are unable to assess risk.  Do pay attention to community spread in your specific location.  Follow virus statistics in your state and adjust your behavior accordingly.  At the present time I am personally behaving as if a shelter in place order has been issued.  Please do the same and stay safe.

COVID-19 Oklahoma Test Results

Positive (In-State) 17
Positive (Out-of-State) 2
Negative 247
PUIs Pending Results 82

Data Source: Acute Disease Service, Oklahoma State Department of Health.
*As of 2020-03-17 at 08:15: AM.


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